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Whether you are looking to grow your business, raise your profile in the local Norfolk business community, network with other Norfolk businesses, looking to trade internationally or wanting to raise your (or your staffs) skill level, being a member of the Norfolk Chamber can help you achieve your businesses objectives. Membership can help you to:

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"Joining the Norfolk Chamber has been brilliant. I have been able to tell more people in the Norwich and Norfolk area exactly what type of marketing I do and this has led to new enquiries in my local area - a lot easier than constantly commuting to London. I am constantly uploading case studies and sharing my expertise on the Chamber website and am striking up good partnerships with like-minded people in similar industries. There also great membership offers and discounts too including free... Read More

"The big advantage of becoming a member of the Chamber is that you are joining a community of like-minded people. They have gone through similar experiences to you, have the same aspirations and are prepared to share their knowledge. It is not just about selling; you are not just saying ‘buy, buy, buy.’ It is about helping each other and building lasting relationships.

Social media fits in well because, between face-to-face meetings at Chamber networking events, you can connect with... Read More

"We joined the Norfolk Chamber even before we relocated from Scotland last year because we had received so much support from the Inverness chamber.

The attraction with being a Chamber member is that it helps you integrate into an area that much more quickly. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely business at times, working long hours, and being part of the Chamber has helped accelerate the growth of our business. We have also attended a lot of Chamber events and acted as a sponsor... Read More

"Being a member of Norfolk Chamber of Commerce enables us to meet and interact with key personnel and businesses in our local area. The regular events schedule provides an array of interesting talks and allows us to meet a wide variety of people in a relaxed environment.

For myself and SocialB, hosting digital marketing sessions as part of the Be Better At… series has allowed us to broaden our network as well as speak to key business stakeholders. We have been able to engage with real... Read More

"Being members of the Norfolk Chamber has been hugely beneficial for Bigfork.

We are very active attending networking events, exhibitions, speaking and posting articles on the Chamber website and more.

The result has been a higher profile, expanded network and many new clients. As with anything in business you get out what you put in."

– Mark Ellaway

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