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Ludham Road Business Park, Catfield, Norfolk, NR29 5PY, UK

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Here at Ship Shape World LTD, based in Catfield, Norfolk we are off-shore cabin Equipment Suppliers, specialising in IMO/SOLAS and MED WheelMarked Compliant products which also carry the US Coast Guard Approval Number. With our production facilities, we produce a comprehensive range of products including Beds, Mattresses, Bedding, DRY-Mat anti-condensation mattress underlay, Furniture, Curtains, Flooring and many more products which meet the stringent safety standards required for an off-shore vessel / Rig. What is ideal for life at home isn’t always suitable for life at sea. Here at Ship Shape IMO our aim is to supply our customers with fully compliant products to reduce the potential disruptions and unnecessary expense to corporations.

“Surveyors and port officials have the power to fine or block movements of vessels for failure to comply with the required legislation”

Our aim is to make sure this doesn’t happen, we are here to give advice and make sure your heading in the right direction.

We have supplied products to Commercial Cargo Shipping Vessels, Off Shore Energy rigs, Ferries, Passenger Vessels and Military Vessels. 

Contact us today for more information - if in doubt, be safe be compliant. Can you afford not to be?


We also have a range of Bedroom / Bathroom supplies which are certified UK Source/Crib 5 and 7 for Medium/High Hazard respectfully. These items would most commonly be used in Hotels, B&B’s, Colleges, Universities, Prisons and all other areas where FR Legislation is required.

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