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Live visual transcription helps make your event accessible, increases engagement, creates a fab archive, and provides an interactive experience for your guests.

Either in-person or remotely, Rebecca captures conversations visually.

Direct from her studio, a live visual transcription of your event can now be streamed to your audience through your online event platform or social media.

Linking with a team of professional film and content producers, Rebecca can now offer more options for your event / projects including live and pre-recorded content, musical score, voice-over and animation.

As the world moves forward, emerging from current restrictions, Rebecca and her team are delighted to offer a blended / hybrid combination of in-person and live streamed content to your guests, wherever they may be watching from.

Working remotely Rebecca's studio provides:

A multi-live camera setup comprising of 2 or 3 HD cameras running through capture cards into OBS Studio (Live streaming software). 

This outputs a dynamic program to either:

• A clients meeting platform inside a participant window : Zoom/Teams/Meets etc.
• A clients stream key  to be utilised within their presentation software/online portal.
• A public or private URL - Viewed via a browser.
• Live to any social media platform.

Rebecca's studio also has installed a Kramer unit which all content passes through before stream/output.  This enables hardware “freeze” of stream feeds if required.

The Kramer also enables a stable way to do all of the above digitally using an iPad with illustration software upon on it. Infinite canvas etc….

The studio streams/provides visuals at High Definition 1080p. 


Below are links to recent animations:

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Please get in touch to find out more.


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