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The Public Media Alliance (PMA) is the largest global association of public media organisations and focuses specifically on providing advocacy and support for public media worldwide.

PMA has a unique global overview of how public media is being affected by the acceleration of media convergence. We curate and aggregate research and commentary from media academics and practitioners around the world as public broadcasting continues to evolve into multiplatform public media. 

Founded in 1945, the organisation today has a global membership, offering members an equal opportunity to exchange ideas, views and best practice in public media. Our vision is a world where the public can continue to access free, independent, engaging and representative national and international media wherever they are.

We work to identify, research and champion common themes in public media and provide forums for debate and networking. We also act as a bridge between the academic and public debate around public media and its changing role. We do this practically through running training, symposiums, exchange programmes, publishing research and reviewing the research of others.

Our aim is to build consensus, stand together and advocate a united global voice for public service media

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