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Estuary Road, King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 2HS, England
01553 622000

Supplying globally into the sports, technical and industrial sectors with Porelle Membranes and Porelle Inserts while also producing Permair - a finishing system for split leather.

Porelle is a range of waterproof breathable films 12-55um in thickness. They are designed for lamination to create high performance fabrics for a range of different market applications - such as garments, footwear and gloves.

As a membranes specialist, our membranes have also been developed to meet specific markets:

  • Military
  • Emergency Services
  • Fire-Fighters
  • Industrial/Institutional
  • Footwear
  • Sports & Leisure

Permair leather is based on a micro porous foil - allowing feet to breathe more naturally in comfort, and providing a layer of protection that guards against scuffs, stains and water. It is designed for lamination to split leather to provide the look and feel of conventional leather.

The Permair finish offers enhanced performance providing a protective layer which protects with the added benefit of being breathable. It also wipes clean and does not need to be polished like conventional leather.

Permair leather process ideal for a wide variety of footwear types and market segments; including children's footwear, safety boots, men's formal wear, sports shoes, belts, bags and leather goods.

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