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Colman’s Close, The Food Enterprise Park, Church Lane, Easton, Norwich, NR9 5FG

Condimentum is a new company with an established legacy which processes mustard seed, mint and horseradish to provide a range of ingredients for the food industry.

We operate from a purpose built facility in Norwich which uses the latest technology to process fresh raw materials into food ingredients.

We are supplied by mustard and mint growers in East Anglia with fresh horseradish coming from Europe.

Our main customer is Colman’s who use our ingredients in their world famous mustard, mint and horseradish sauces.

We have the experience, technical resource and processing facilities to work with food manufacturers who want to use our ingredients as flavour enhancements in their own range of consumer food products.

Company Background
Condimentum was formed by the English Mustard Growers group and Norfolk Mint Growers group coming together to establish a processing facility for their crops.

Mustard was first processed by Jeremiah Colman at his mill at Stoke Holy Cross in 1814 and has been grown for Colman’s in Norfolk and the Fens ever since; some of our growers have been supplying Colman’s continuously for over 100 years.

Mint has been grown in Norfolk since first trials were looked at in 1965. The Norfolk soils and climate proved to be particularly well suited to growing mint and further trial crops were planted to establish the best variety of mint for producing the finest tasting mint sauce. Contracts were agreed with farmers and acreage quickly increased to supply 100% fresh mint to the Colman’s factory.

Today, new harvesting techniques mean that only the leaves are picked, leaving stems in the field. The mint fields are located close to the factory so the mint can be delivered quickly to be processed, just chopped up and mixed with vinegar, before any flavour is lost.

Condimentum was created through agreement with Colman’s to replace their outdated primary processing facilities in Norwich and forms part of their exit plan from the Norwich site, announced in January 2018.

Over the coming months we will be working both with Colman’s to affect the transfer, but also engaging with other food manufacturers to develop ingredients on a bespoke basis.

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