Improving Infrastructure

Norfolk has a vibrant and diverse business community, but a key barrier to future economic growth for those businesses is our physical infrastructure i.e. roads and rail links.

Progress so far:

  • The dualling of the A11 was completed
  • The Northern Broadway (NDR) has been completed
  • Lobbying is underway to get the Norwich Western Link - this missing link between the Northern Broadway and the A47 constructed
  • The Chambers successfully helped lobby for the Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing funding -  construction is due to start in early 2021 and aims to be completed by early 2023 
  • £300m funding is already allocated to improve sections of the A47 –  we contnue to lobby for the swift start this construction and are lobbying hard to gain further funding to dual more sections of the A47, in collaboration with the A47 Alliance
  • Our Gold Patron, Greater Anglia has rolled out brand new rolling stock during 2019, with free wifi for all and some 90 minute services between Norwich and London.  We continue to work with them to lobby for further rail infrastructure improvements to allow a greater number of Norwich in 90 services to operate

More improvements are needed


  • Norfolk Chamber and partners are working with the A47 Alliance to support and lobby the business case for £260m+ of funding to dual the Acle Straight and the Tilney to East Winch section of the A47, near King’s Lynn, including the Hardwick flyover


  • Suffolk Haughley Rail Junction upgrade 
  • Improved safety, journey times, capacity and frequency by: Infrastructure upgrade 2019 – 2024 needed: Ely area upgrade – signalling, junctions & bridge; double of Norwich Trowse swing bridge; South Colchester loops; South Chelmsford re-signalling and level crossing closures; upgrades along the GEML

Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing (GY3RC)

  •  Funding has been secured and construction is due to start in early 2021, with completion expected in 2023.

Norwich Western Link

  • The Norwich Western Link is the missing link btween the Northern Broadway and the A47.
  • It will facilitate easier access to both Norwich airport and Great Yarmouth port.  It will further help to improve journeys into and around the west of the city, support potential housing and jobs growth; provide the infrastructure to manage the additional traffic this will create, and improve quality of life for people living in the area


Infrastructure on its own does not create jobs, it is the business community who do.  Norfolk Chambers of Commerce wants to see that agreed transport improvements are delivered on time; further infrastructure barriers are removed; and new opportunities created, to ensure that Norfolk businesses have the levels of infrastructure needed to create new jobs and economic growth.

What are we doing?

The Chamber will influence and lobby central Government and work with local authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships, our MPs and the A47 Alliance to ensure the business case for improved infrastructure is clearly heard. 

Gold Patrons & Strategic Partners