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The UK and the EU have now reached agreement on 24 December 2020 - the agreement comes into effect on 01 January 2021.

Norfolk Chambers of Commerce are aware of the demand from our members and the wider Norfolk business community for impartial and practical advice to help them to be ready for the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Norfolk Chambers is here to help you to ensure that your business is Brexit ready.

Is your business ready?

For companies of every size and sector need clarity in order to take decisions, invest and prepare for the future, Norfolk Chambers of Commerce is here to help support you and your business - download the documents below to help you get prepared for the UK's exit from the European...

Brexit Timeline

What are the Brexit next steps? To help keep businesses informed about the latest Brexit developments, we have created this simple Brexit timeline tracking major events and upcoming Brexit key dates.

Sector Preparation Guides

These checklists outline the key actions to take to ensure your business is ready for EU transition. The lists have been adapted and specialised for each sector.


Training & Workshops

Whatever your international training needs are, Norfolk Chambers of Commerce can help.

The UK Chamber of Commerce network has partnered with some of the leading industry experts to launch brand new...

Brexit Readiness Events

Norfolk Chambers of Commerce and British Chambers of Commerce have launched a brand new series of topical and interactive webinars, designed to count down to the end of the EU Transition period.


Chamber Webinars - Recordings

With the COVID-19 global pandemic putting an end to physical events and training for the forseeable future, Norfolk Chambers began looking at virtual replacements.


Keep up to Date

Norfolk Chambers of Commerce want to ensure that your business is kept up to date with all the latest information on Brexit – below are some useful sources of information...


International Documentation

Norfolk Chambers of Commerce is a major issuer of export documentation in the United Kingdom.  We also issue United Kingdom Certificates of Origin, Arab-British Certificates of Origin, Invoices, and International trade related documents such as EUR1 Movement Certificates...

Latest Brexit News

Responding to the publication of Government plans on the future of Border controls, William Bain, Head of Trade Policy at the BCC, said: “The UK Government is intent on proceeding with the phase-in of inbound Great Britain border and customs controls for EU imports in October 2021 and January 2022 as planned. “Business has been preparing hard to be ready for these timelines, with many making use...
Responding to the announcement of the new UK approach to the Northern Ireland Protocol, William Bain, Head of Trade Policy at the BCC, said:      “Businesses in both Great Britain and Northern Ireland need durable, workable, negotiated solutions on compliance with the Protocol to ensure the continued two-way flow of goods East-West and North-South. The UK and EU governments need to work together...
Up until the 6th Aug 2021, HMRC will accept full import declarations for anything imported since 1st Jan 2021. Importers must therefore take action now by submitting a full import declaration. The imports will however be deemed ‘non-compliant’ by HMRC, who may decide to apply civil penalties after looking into any outstanding duty debts that exist, and/or repeat offences evident. Acting quickly...
As mentioned in last week’s news article, those businesses who imported from the EU and made a Simplified Declaration, or have yet to make any declaration at all, you need to be ready to make your full declaration at the 175 days later point.   Be careful: If you’re receiving, or have already received goods from the EU, and are not doing full declarations, you are potentially accumulating duty...

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