How to Start Your Own Delivery Business

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Trying to come up with an idea for a new business can be tricky, but one option worth considering is a delivery business. This type of business allows you to be your own boss, choose your own hours, make a decent amount of money and it doesn’t take much hassle to get it started.

When it comes to setting up a delivery business, the initial costs are fairly low (particularly if you already own a suitable vehicle). So, how do you get your business off the ground? Here are some of our top tips to get you started:

Find a Suitable Vehicle

There are lots of brilliant choices available when it comes to finding a vehicle that is suitable for delivering parcels. Whether you choose a van, a people carrier or just use your normal family car is up to you.

Most people choose to purchase a van for their delivery business. You may be worried about the cost of buying a van, but there are some great deals on second-hand vans. When purchasing your vehicle, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to its fuel efficiency. The more fuel it uses, the more money it will cost you to run.

Purchase Equipment

Once you’ve found the right vehicle, you will need to buy any equipment you may need for your business. You may need tools that make moving heavier, larger items simpler. You may also need equipment that secures the cargo in your vehicle. This will stop items from being damaged. Spending money on securing your items is cheaper than replacing broken items.

Choose a Name

You need to think of a creative and unique name for your business. When you’ve chosen your name, you can start organising all of the legal documentation. You may expect this part of the process to be tricky, but there are lots of online resources to help you.


Delivery businesses need to purchase insurance for their vehicle, their cargo, and public liability insurance. Many customers will avoid working with delivery companies who have little or no insurance.

Insurance doesn’t have to cost a fortune. For example, if you search a comparison website for cheap van insurance you’ll be able to find something very low cost. One example is which has over sixty van insurance providers listed online currently. You can use the platform for quotes and buy either online or over the phone if you find a provider that works with your budget.

Advertise Your Company

You’ve got everything you need to carry parcels safely, so now is the time to start advertising your business. Use social media platforms to let people know what services you offer. You should also create a webpage and use search engine optimisation tools.

Track Your Expenses

As a business owner, you will need to keep track of your expenses. You may be able to claim some of this money back.

When it comes to setting up a delivery business in the UK, there are lots of opportunities to be successful. You could choose to be a self-employed owner or choose to work for another company. Whatever you choose, if you want to set up a successful delivery business, then you will need to follow the advice above.

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