Nova Fairbank - Norfolk Chamber

  • Nova Fairbank

Company: Norfolk Chamber

Position: Public Affairs Manager

I am responsible for ensuring that the Norfolk Chamber maintains its position as a leading ‘voice of business’ in Norfolk, through influencing and lobbying on issues affecting the Chamber membership.  This is achieved by raising and highlighting the policy position of the Norfolk Chamber at a local, regional and national level on key issues. Monitoring of local policies and projects/initiatives that directly impact upon Norfolk Chamber members and ensure relevant action is taken. and being responsible for the development of  the Norfolk Chamber Area Councils and Special Interest Groups.

I am the media liaison (Press, TV and Radio) for the Chamber and I am also responsible for the issue, completion and collation of the Quarterly Economic Survey, which highlights the economic positioning of Norfolk through engagement the local business community.  I also support the Norfolk Chamber Main Board and look after the strategic development of the bi-monthly Norfolk Voice magazine.  The Policy Co-ordinator reports to me.

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