Display Screen Equipment Assessors Course

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Monday, 24 April, 2017 -
08:45 to 13:30

Course Title; Display Screen Equipment Assessors Course

Aim; To equip delegates to take a lead role in assessing office workstations and the wider management of associated musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)


- State the basic HSG65 management cycle, and illustrate how this can apply to the control of MSD’s arising from display screen equipment (DSE) use.

- Understand the value of MSDs prevention

- State the minimum equipment/environmental requirements for workstations, as specified in the Schedule of L26

- Understand how the type of job/task can affect assessment (“occupational” factors)

- Understand how the correct set up of DSE can prevent MSDs, and state the ideal set up

- Understand the “human” factors that can affect DSE users’ ability and willingness to use DSE correctly

- Demonstrate some of the key skills in ensuring DSE users improve their work station

- Develop an intervention hierarchy in the case of ill health arising from DSE use

- State the key sources of law and guidance, and where they can be found


Duration; 1/2 day learning programme

Cost; £95 + VAT includes notes and refreshments

Tutor; Richard Mills

Differentiation;  None – just enthusiasm

Audience; Anyone working in the DSE process

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