Interview with Susanna Rendall, Group MD of The Boxford Group

In this episode of Business Insights Chat, MHA Larking Gowen partner Ian Fitch talks to Susanna Rendall, group managing director of The Boxford Group. The group owns the award-winning Stoke-By-Nayland Resort, Peake Fruit Ltd and Boxford Suffolk Farms.

Susanna talks candidly and in depth about the challenges that lockdown, and Brexit, have had on their businesses. She focuses on recruitment, and why they reached out to the community during the last year. Susanna also discusses what life is like in a family-run business. There are tales of pressing apples at her mother’s kitchen table, and how she’s learnt that if a vote is needed, perhaps it’s a sign that it’s not the right move.

Susanna believes passion is key to running a successful business - love your product – and that just because your business is getting bigger, it doesn’t mean it’s better! She talks about how important it is to be agile; to do your research when starting up; how knowing your weaknesses is key; and that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help.

Susanna’s diverse sector experience and work history, which includes hosting Manchester United FC and Annie Lennox, and being approached by Tropicana, make for inspirational listening. And her analogy of how business is like a marriage and subsequent divorce, is a gem not to be missed!

Your can learn more about The Boxford Group here.

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