Integro Languages appointed as supplier to Global Insurance Giant AIG

Integro Languages, based in Norwich, has recently been awarded a supply arrangement covering 8 countries for AIG, the global American insurance giant. Integro’s team have worked with a pilot group at the company’s offices in Croydon for 12 months, implementing a whole new approach to handling claims involving foreign language documentation.

Throughout the pilot, Integro was able to demonstrate huge cost savings, as well as considerable improvements in the speed and efficacy of the claims process. As a result, Integro have now been appointed as supplier to the global network of AIG’s assistance centres – a massive contract solidifying Integro’s position as a serious and formidable provider of language support services to the insurance industry.

“Integro’s services have been an absolute game changer for us here. We’re working faster, handling claims faster and making considerable cost savings as we go. We’re looking forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with Integro”. Complex Claims team, AIG.

Integro has been active in the Health insurance and PMI industry, backing up claims teams and assistance handlers for 10 years.


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