Future 50: Interview with Director of Mio Conferencing Solutions

In the current circumstances excitement can be hard to come by, however, we are lucky to announce an exciting piece of news – an interview with Mio Conferencing Solutions about the Future 50 programme and its role in developing our international audio, web, and video conferencing.

Future 50 is a business growth programme open to Norfolk and Suffolk’s small-to-medium-sized businesses. Its purpose is to give recognition to innovative businesses and help them thrive and develop. Mio Conferencing Solutions is grateful to have been interviewed about how the Future 50 programme helped us develop our business. Read the interview below.


The business landscape has changed a lot since audio-call specialists Mio Conferencing Solutions took part in Future 50 in 2018. Managing director Kay Daodu shares how the scheme helped the business.

How has the business changed since it was in Future 50?

The business has definitely changed since Future 50 – from the way it competes to its approach towards innovation and also access to regional resources that have helped us stay competitive. 

How did taking part in Future 50 help that process?

It put me in contact with some very valuable resources and organisations dedicated to making my business more successful. Some of the opportunities my company has experienced were as a result of some of these relationships. 

What were the most helpful aspects of Future 50?

It introduced us to the Enterprise Centre – a very underrated resource when it comes to opportunities for businesses to grow, from its on-site business facilities to research and development funding, to the innovation grants and access to the right resources needed for a company like Mio Conferencing to grow. 

What was the best piece of advice from Future 50?

It’s a bit of a bizarre one: a cyber security talk – funny now everyone works remotely and there are more cyber security threats out there. This was a specialist topic so an expert was brought in to present it. The information was invaluable and more relevant today. This particularly stuck with me. 

What’s your advice for companies starting Future 50?

This is a massive opportunity to get your business out there… but you have to put in the work on your side as well. 

If you are a Norfolk or Suffolk business, take a look at the Future 50 programme which will reopen again for applications in Autumn 2021. 

To find out more about what we do, visit www.miocommunications.co.uk/services or contact us on info@miocommunications.co.uk and we will help you make online conferencing easier!

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