Cash injection inspires futures


in two Norwich schools

We know that young people have had an incredibly tough 2020.  Covid19 has shone a light on inequality and the dire consequences of being born into a situation over which you have no control.  And that’s where some children now find themselves, with around a third of children in Norwich living in poverty - a shocking statistic.  

And we all want to do our bit.  

So we’re thrilled and grateful that BBC Children in Need and The Youth Futures Foundation have agreed to fund our groundbreaking schools project in 2021 and 2022.  Through a mixture of small group workshops and 1-2-1 mentoring, we will work with groups of year 9 students to help them envision their futures. This project is called Inspiring Futures for a reason.   Because mentors from all backgrounds as well as their local community give children the inspiration and aspiration to achieve - to be like them.  

Following soft-skills workshops focusing on the world of work, the year 9s will have the chance to chat through their plans and dreams in a safe space with a mentor who can provide insight, a listening ear and some ideas of how to achieve those dreams. 

To date we have trained over 300 volunteer mentors, including with our unique online training developed this summer as well as local business people trained in the last seven years. 

2020 has been the year of the volunteer.  Their impact on communities and individual lives has been huge.

From January 2021 we will be beginning the full recruitment of mentors ready to inspire the next generation. 

Together we can make a difference.

If a volunteer wants to find out more there's more here on the website or to express an interest to volunteer, they can do so here or contact Simone: mob: 07522 410385

Quote Rebecca White CEO

‘We started this bid back in June and already that feels like a life-time ago.  What we know is that young people have borne the brunt of this awful year and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  When mentoring works, it lights up people’s lives.  Alongside our workshops, this support will make a difference in the heart of our community’.

Quote headteacher school

From Liz Woods, Headteacher at Sprowston Community School:

‘We are really excited to be working on this project with Your Own Place.  It is really important to us that children leave us with skills and personal qualities as well as academic qualifications.  This partnership offers a vital opportunity for students to talk, reflect and build skills of resilience, resourcefulness and confidence so that they can thrive in a sometimes challenging world and be the very best versions of themselves that they can be.’



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