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  • Rahul Wadher, Metallurgist

Whilst the last year has been extremely challenging for all of us, we are pleased with how our team has been flexible and has adapted to working in a COVID-secure environment, using remote working on occasions to ensure that we can maintain social distancing whilst still maintaining high standards of service to clients.

“The company ensured that measures were put in place to protect both its staff and visitors to the lab over the past year. This included the introduction of movable screens, encouraging hand washing, provision of hand sanitizer and masks throughout the laboratory and reduced on-site staff numbers. We have introduced digital signing of test reports and have encouraged remote witnessing of testing as opposed to witnessing in person to reduce numbers in the laboratory to a minimum.” – Rahul Wadher, Metallurgist (pictured)
During this time in addition to delivering our full range of world class mechanical and corrosion testing along with failure analysis, in response to client needs, we have also been expanding our range into testing of welds on reinforcing steel to BS 8548, which should be of great interest to prefabricated reinforcement manufacturers in structural and civil engineering. Please spread the word to any of your HQSE managers, Structural and Civil Engineer contacts.
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