New International Team trading cards to Co.nnect with!

  • The International Team at Norfolk Chambers of Commerce joins the 7 trading cards Norfolk businesses can connect with.
    The International Team at Norfolk Chambers of Commerce joins the 7 trading cards Norfolk businesses can connect with.

There are now 3 more trading cards to co.nnect with, as our International Team joins our mission to connect, support and give voice to every business in Norfolk.  

Have you connected with all 7 of our membership team yet? Team Norfolk Chambers is here and ready to help support you and your business with a range of skills such as making business connections, promoting what you do and how you do it, giving you access to exclusive discounts, helping you make change, and crafting bespoke business support specifically for you.

Now there are 3 more members of the Team to get to know. Introducing our International Team who can help you and your business with the documentation you need to import and export. Julie, David, Adrian and Sam each have their own trading card with a secret superhero name which highlights the key skills that they can offer Norfolk businesses:

Julie Austin (AKA ‘The Oracle’) has the knowledge you need to succeed when it comes to cutting through the red tape of importing and exporting. David Cowan (AKA ‘The Advocator) can bring everything you need to do business overseas together – and what the team cannot do, he will know someone who can, and Sam Martin (AKA ‘The Prodigy’) provides vital support to process, handle and offer advice on documentation needed for importing and exporting.

The International Team joins the Membership Team and together we can help make things happen for businesses like yours. If you need bespoke support for your business – we can provide membership that can be as individual as you are. If you need to increase your customer base – we can connect you to like-minded businesses. If you need to shout about a project/product you have launched – we can amplify your message. If you need exporting advice – we can help you trade globally. If you know what you want to do but don’t know where to start – we can support you through making collaborations.

Each of us have difference skills, but when we co.llaborate we are a unique force for your business. Therefore, we can say with confidence:

What you need, is what we do.

Can you Co.nnect With ‘Em All?


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