Business opportunities in Mexico (Smart Grid / Wind Power)

  • Wind

The Mexican Energy Reform is bringing about significant change and development in the electrical market. In line with these changes, Mexico’s Energy Transition Law also includes a clean energy target which states that 35% of energy generation must come from clean sources by 2024. These targets and reform are creating new opportunities for British businesses in the country.

Carbon Trust, who, through their office in Mexico, are working with the Mexican public sector to explore business opportunities related to:

  • The wind power value chain (which can be anything – including maintenance services with the only exception being wind turbines)
  • Smart Grids technology in general (this can include, but is not limited to: Advanced metering infrastructure; Supervisory control and data acquisition; and Protection & switching equipment)

Although the government’s definition of clean energy includes wind, solar, geothermal and biomass, it also includes hydro, nuclear and efficient cogeneration. Wind Energy is currently the most feasible resource in the country and the best positioned to contribute the most to these ambitious targets.

Despite the clear need for this source of energy, the value chain for wind is still incomplete which represents good opportunities for British service and equipment providers with the right expertise. Which includes but is not limited to asset management, balance of plant, blades, gearboxes and related services.

For more information, please click here. Any companies interested can write to Laura Atkinson briefly explaining your offer and you will be put in touch with Carbon trust. 

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