New Customs Webinar Series to help traders understand the new rules and regulations

We are reaching the end of our first full trading year, and this brings further changes in customs procedures so the British Chambers of Commerce has created a series of Webinars designed to help and support traders with the new rules and regulations. 

Join us and register below to these free and informative webinars 

Monday 6th December, 2pm – International Trade Survey Results

Against a backdrop of Brexit and Covid disruption, manufacturers are experiencing huge increases in the cost of labour, energy and raw materials.

This session will present the results of our latest International Trade Survey and reveal the impact that the past year has had on trader confidence, investment plans, new markets and getting goods into and out of the UK.

Just what impact has the TCA had on exports to the EU and what confidence have traders gained in expanding their global reach under the UK Free Trade Agreements?


Thursday 9th December, 11am – Brexit, what Brexit?

With the ending of 'Staged Customs Controls' on 31st December, what impact will a fully controlled UK border have on traders.

For lots of traders, the UK departure from the EU customs union has brought little change. Supplies have continued to arrive at their business, there has been no real increase in paperwork and their EU suppliers seem happy to keep delivering.

If this is your business, our webinar will cover what records you should have kept but didn't. What customs entries you should have made but missed. And more importantly, what action you can take now to avoid future fines and penalties.


Tuesday 14th December, 2pm – Full on Brexit!

Staged Customs Controls' end on 31st December, meaning that the free flow of goods that has prevailed since Brexit Day will soon come to an end.  All EU imports will need to be accounted for with a full customs declaration.

There will be new sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) arrangements, new pre-notification deadlines and a new inspection regime. This will apply to all EU exports and imports.


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