Department for International Trade’s EU Export Support Service

Following the announcement of the DIT’s ‘Europe Export Support Service’, David Cowan, International Declaration Manager at Norfolk Chambers Of Commerce said:

"There is no doubt, that since Brexit, trading overseas has become more complicated for our members and clients...

..We are very proud of having been there to support them since the start, and always welcome services designed to simplify process, and encourage and help businesses to explore International Trade with confidence. ChamberCustoms has been evolving over the last ten months, to offer unrivalled service, and innovative systems. The Norfolk Chamber’s International team looks forward to working in partnership with the new support service, and passing on the benefits of this collaboration to our members and clients as soon as possible...

...On the 15th November 2021, we are hosting an ‘unlocking international trade’ event at Norwich City Football ground, which is an opportunity for experienced traders, and those considering international trade to come together, and discuss all things relating to Import and Export. This is one of the many way we keep trade moving in Norfolk.”


William Bain, Head of Trade Policy at the BCC, said;

"Chambers Businesses have been pointing out the daily difficulties firms, large and small, have had with the new trading terms for EU exports since they started on 1 January.  

“Many have found themselves wrestling with issues around VAT, export health certificates, and origin certification for the first time. 

“The Chambers Network and ChamberCustoms were ready on day one for this challenge and have continued to share their practical experience and knowledge of how to best facilitate trade and market access for our members. 

“Every day we are working to make this happen in a way no-one else does. Our expertise allows us to offer advice, training, brokerage and documentation services for trade with both the EU and wider international market. 

“We are keen to work in partnership with Government to enhance this capacity to lift export-led growth for companies the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, using our Global Business Network to extend their reach. 


“We look forward to working with the Europe Export Support Service and hope it will prove complementary to the unrivalled support the Chamber Network provides to exporting UK companies.  

“Unfortunately, many firms have given up exporting to EU customers since January, while others have found the new barriers to trade in goods and services a massive financial and logistical burden.  

“The essential test for this new service will be to turn that around and do it quickly, by adding value to the work of Chambers and not to further confuse UK companies. Rebuilding the economy after the pandemic requires turbo-charged export-led growth - especially with our largest trading partner - the EU."

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