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What is Chamber Legal Expenses Insurance?

As a Norfolk Chamber member you automatically have access to legal services to support and protect your business.

The 24/7 Chamber Legal Advice Line is just a call away offering unlimited telephone-based advice to support you whenever you have a legal, employment, HR or tax query.

You also benefit from £1 million worth of legal expenses insurance to cover the cost of representing your business should you become embroiled in certain legal disputes.

Any business fortunate enough not to have been embroiled in a legal dispute can count themselves lucky. No matter how well you plan and manage your business you never know when you are going to face unexpected, expensive legal and professional fees.

In addition to the many employment related disputes businesses also find themselves having to defend Inland Revenue investigations and HSE prosecutions. Your business could also find itself involved in legal disputes relating to its property or with a Landlord.

Key Features

Your business has access to up to £1,000,000 worth of professional fees each year to cover...

  • Employment Disputes – Defending actions brought by employees, including unfair dismissal and discrimination claims.
  • Employment Awards – Cover for employment tribunal awards.
  • Prosecution Defense – Defending a criminal prosecution relating to your business including HSE prosecution.
  • Tax, VAT, PAYE and NIC Investigations – Defense of a dispute arising out of an in-depth HMRC investigation.
  • License Protection – Appealing against a decision to suspend, alter or revoke a statutory licence
    or registration.
  • Data Protection Act – Defending civil proceedings bought against your business under the Data
    Protection Act.
  • Property Legal Protection – Enables your business to pursue legal rights arising from negligent acts of others affecting your property.
  • Landlord Disputes – Representing your interests in disputes with landlords over the business lease or tenancy agreement.
  • Jury Service Allowance – Up to £1000 per claim to compensate for the loss of an employee attending court or tribunal.

Cover for your employees:

  • Personal Injury Cover – Legal Expenses cover for all employees and their partners to pursue compensation if injury has arisen where someone else is at fault.
  • Motor Legal Expenses Cover – Following a non-fault accident, recovery of any policy

It is a condition of the Chamber Legal Expenses Insurance Policy that members contact the Legal Advice Line as soon as they become aware of any issue that may give rise to claim so if in doubt please call immediately.

What does it cost?

Nothing – as a member of the Norfolk Chamber the legal expenses insurance is included within your membership.

How do I access it?

When the legal issue first arises be sure to call the legal helpline on 01455 852037 

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