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Friday, 21 April, 2017 - 09:00 to Sunday, 23 April, 2017 - 17:00
Norwich TBC
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£720 + VAT (To get a discounted rate, go to , click on Tickets and then on "Enter promotional code" and enter code "norfolkchamber")

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Do you have fear of speaking in front of people?

Do you want to speak and present with more confidence?

Do you want to have impact while talking or presenting?

Do you want to know how to interact with your audience?

Do you want to know how to position yourself as an expert in your industry?

We have a solution for you!


Learn how to:

  • 1.Speak and present with impact
  • 2.Structure your talk and presentation
  • 3.Engage you audience

Tosin Ogunnusi’s Speaking & Presenting with IMPACT Intensive Training is a complete training program for individuals who know and identify that all effective leaders have one skill in common. And that is the ability to speak and sway larger groups of people.

The reality of the matter is most people have never really tapped into their full potentials and are sitting on an unused, “Precious Gem!” The experience most people have gained and, The-Know-How they posses can all be packaged up in a way that, it educates, motivates and inspires others to be, do and have more. When you learn how to convey that knowledge and experience in such a unique way then life will give you more than you can ever imagine!

At “Speaking & Presenting with IMPACT Intensive Training!” You’ll be lead through our Unique, “F1 Speaker System” and become a confident, refined speaker and presenter that can perform with real IMPACT! This also increases your value and your capacity to earn more money.

[F1 Speaker System]

You will be taught how to craft together a very structured presentation to convey your message and share your expertise using a tried, tested and proven framework.

You’ll learn that speaking and presenting is actually a lot easier than it seems. The key thing to remember here is the structure that will enable you to connect and engage your audience at a much deeper level.

So that you know first hand that these techniques work and that they will work for you. You will be shown examples of every strategy, step by step with Tosin Ogunnusi speaking in front of live audiences. This will form part of your complete learning format at the 3 days training, “Speaking & Presenting with IMPACT!”

The F1 Speaker System is broken down into models or stages if you like. You will be lead through each stage by completing an exercise for each model. Each one builds upon the other. By the end of the 3 days program you’ll be well on your way to Speaking & Presenting with IMPACT!

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