An Introduction to Behavioural Economics

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Wednesday, 26 April, 2017 (All day)
The Enterprise Centre, Norwich Research Park, University of East Anglia
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There is no charge for the masterclass but you may like to consider a donation to Action for Children

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There is no charge for the masterclass but you may like to consider a donation to Action for Children 

Session at 8.15am & 12.15pm (lasting approx 2 hours)

Behavioural Economics

The study of humans and their (occasionally irrational) interactions with the world 

During this masterclass we will look at how Behavioral economics uses psychological experimentation to develop theories about human decision making and how its identified a range of biases as a result of the way people think and feel.  

The aim of this session is that you leave with a framework and the tools to understand, predict, and potentially influence irrational behaviours.   

We will also cover: -

  • Behavioural Economics – What it is?
  • Why does it matter?
  • The Theory
    • Prospect theory – decision weighting, anchoring & loss aversion
    • Bounded rationality, heuristics & biases
    • Fast & slow thinking
  • MINDSCAPE – how the government use Behavioural Economics to influence through public policy
  • Putting it into practice

Sessions at 8.15am and 12.15pm.

The masterclass will last around 2 hours with questions.  Refreshments will be available.



What people have to say about previous events....

I cannot recommend Chadwick’s Masterclasses too highly nor say enough good things about them. Chadwick’s Masterclasses provide fresh insights and offer practical steps to build, maintain and retain value in businesses. Richard delivers clear and well-thought-out advice while challenging preconceptions. The workshops are thoroughly researched and never turn into sales presentations. I learn something every time I attend.


 Paul Palik | Senior Associate | Corporate Team | Birketts LLP


Beginning to plan seriously for retirement and being a relative newbie in Norwich, it was refreshing to be introduced to a firm that places great emphasis on technical analysis and thoughtful planning.  Too often, in my experience, IFA’s are more concerned with style over substance but Chadwicks, through their Masterclass sessions offer real insight into investment management and retirement planning.  Whether as a professional adviser or, like myself, someone looking for genuine insight into the changing times of today, I would recommend the sessions wholeheartedly.


Andrew Thorpe | Finance and Operations Director | Jarrold Norwich


The masterclass at Chadwicks, for me is a fantastic way to boost my knowledge in an important field which I often feel the effects from, yet seldom get to learn about. A wonderful setting at the enterprise centre, amongst like-minded company.

Andy Davies | Business Development | Green Duck


I have been a regular attendee at Chadwick’s business seminars for several years and without fail I have found the sessions to be useful and practical on the one hand whilst thought provoking and inspiring on the other. Many advisers can put on topical seminars, few can make you feel that you want to go on to study the subject yourself!

Dawn Parkes | Managing Partner | Hatch Brenner


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