Raptor Aerospace LTD

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Raptor Aerospace, Building 270, Scottow Enterprise Park, Lamas Road, Badersfield, Norwich, Norfolk, NR10 5FB
01603 738459

‘Launch services, enabling access to space from the UK’

Raptor’s focus is providing innovative and low-cost microgravity (launch) services to academic and industrial clients. This sector comprises access to space via suborbital rockets, and lower altitude microgravity and partial gravity research and testing delivered by Raptor’s proprietary hardware and software.

Ben Jarvis, CEO and Founder has been developing and flying rockets with hybrid engines for 25 years and is unquestionably one of the UK’s leading rocketeers. At Raptor he is building a team around him to enable rapid and flexible development, whilst adopting NASA systems engineering methodology and adhering to ECSS standards.

To date Raptor Aerospace has successfully completed several commercial launches servicing a broad client base, for both public and private sector customers.  It has also forged key relationships with the UK’s nascent Spaceports, the UK Space Agency, ESA, regional and national government and a number of leading launch brokers in the UK and Europe.  

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