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MyyMee is the new online recruitment agency.

Recruiting can be tough. And interviewing the right candidate can be even more challenging.

Sorting and shortlisting the best candidates, Arranging the time and venue with the chosen candidates, Commuting to the venue, sometimes over long distances only to find the candidate doesn’t turn up or has cancelled at the last minute.

Then when you get to interview, candidates either don’t match their CV’s or their skills don’t match up to the job, this is just some of the main stumbling blocks of online recruitment.

By being an online recruitment agency MyyMee helps overcome the normal challenges that accompany the process of traditional recruitment.

MyyMee allows you to ask the questions that are relevant to your industry and your requirements and solves all these problems and more by conducting interviews remotely using live video recorded during a live interview with the candidate.

With MyyMee, you can...

  • Choose which interviews to watch
  • Review interviews more than once and with colleagues
  • View anytime day or night at a time that suits you.

No distractions, no travel, no venue or scheduling and no wasted costly management time.

Even better, you get to review all the candidates, not just the select chosen few so there’s no more missing out on the right candidate.

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