Globally Onward

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19 Edinburgh Road, Norwich, England, NR2 3RJ
07905 460795

Globally Onward is on a mission to: 

  • break the employment barriers for skilled immigrants and refugees and integrate them into the professional workforce
  • encourage businesses and organisations to value diversity and inclusion, in other words to reflect the people they serve

We provide one-to-one career coach & mentoring to professionally qualified immigrants and refugees. Our mentorship programme helps them to: 

  • build on their existing skills
  • prepare that winning resume
  • prepare for job interviews
  • apply for jobs that match their skills
  • improve their professional English-language communication
  • build their confidence

We also look for forward thinking employers who would like to partner with us for: 

  • Talent Acquisition - access to our professionally qualified, supported immigrants looking for job opportunities
  • Corporate Volunteering - could you help to support and mentor professionally qualified immigrants to navigate the UK job market? 

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