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Augustine Steward House, 14 Tombland, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1HF
01603 762002

Try Your Hand at Cryptic Escape, Norwich, one of the top Norwich attractions for those who like a little mystery in their lives.
Forget computer games and smartphone puzzles, if you want a real time brain teaser, head to the live escape room in Norwich. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find your way out of a locked room using all your skill and ingenuity, along the way solving and deciphering a host of clues and puzzles.
It’s the live escape attraction in Norfolk that gives people of all ages a real challenge. Can you escape under 60 minutes and will you and your friends be able to solve all the clues and puzzles?
It’s certainly one of the most unusual attractions that Norwich has to offer.

  • Solve puzzles.
  • Break Codes.
  • Search for hidden objects.
  • And all working as a team.

The live escape rooms in Norwich are designed to be played by 2-5 people and involve being put into a locked room for up to 60 minutes. The clock is ticking and you have to solve all the riddles to get out again. The tension begins to rise as your time starts to run out and the puzzles just keep on coming. Solve them all to open the door in time.

The Laboratory Online 

Dr. Marius Belikov was a Romanian geneticist, famed throughout Europe for his controversial research into extending the human lifespan. The Doctor's obsession with immortality began at an early age, when his parents tragically passed away in a laboratory accident. Since that time, he has dedicated his immense intellect to understanding the mysteries involved in delaying death.

His keen interest in manipulating the genetic code within human blood has taken his research to some dark places throughout his career, and Dr. Belikov is currently wanted in several Eastern European countries for unorthodox and often grisly testing on (mostly) animal subjects. This may explain his sudden disappearance, and officials have been unable to trace him, or find the result of his latest groundbreaking experiment- rumoured to be a powerful elixir set to change the course of science forever.

It's up to your team of ingenious lab rats to search his study, and discover the secrets within .

To find out more about The Laboratory online click here


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