GDPR - Data Protection changes

In May 2018, the UK’s data protection law will change, when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes in to force. For many organisations, this means significant changes in the way they store, access and use data held on employees, customers, prospects and stakeholders.

Norfolk Chamber are looking at how they can keep members informed of these changes and support them 

Data protection is not just a compliance burden; it’s a business opportunity and increasingly a market differentiator. For those businesses who lay the right compliance foundations the rewards stretch to trusted brand status, those who don’t risk press scrutiny and increasingly large fines.

There are plenty of reasons to take data protection seriously: regulations demand it, customers expect it and competitors will seek to exploit the opportunities it can present.

As a business membership organisation, here at Norfolk Chamber we see it as our responsibility to keep our members informed of the changes to data protection and what they need to do to be compliant before May 2018. 

We are currently reaching out to our members/partners who have expert knowledge in the area of GDPR to help support member engagement programme.

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