We're seeking new skills - Non-Executive Directors

Rebecca White

We haven’t even finished our recruitment for an Operational Manager and we’re seeking yet more people with the skills and passion we need. And the purpose they need too.

Against a backdrop of ongoing turmoil for many, it remains the case that we must strive to be decisive. This is not the same as being certain. Whilst decisions must be clear and have a plan, we may also accept that it was the wrong decision and/or executed poorly. Curious then that we champion the iterative and lean approach in business and yet damn the government for doing this with Track and Trace. Agreed, a great deal of money has been spent and the stakes couldn’t be higher. I just can’t help think we would laud a business for honestly changing tack. Government isn’t a business however, is democratically elected and is tasked with saving lives. 

I digress. Our decision is that we need new people with new skills. To that we've launched a recruitment campaign for more than one Non-Executive Director, including a Chair. In truth these were people we needed before this crisis. Now is however the right time to press forward. This was something that sat with me for a while, not wishing to exploit the current crisis in any way. 

The greater good wins however and this is about the end justifying the means (this never justifies anything incidentally). 

We will be seeking Non-Executive Directors who:

– share our values and approaches – you too will wish to be a part of change that is bigger than you or us. 

– want to give back to their community in an active, equal, participatory and accountable way. No nodding dogs or sleeping ones either!

– bring skills and expertise in (social) entrepreneurship, finance, business, education, digital delivery, scaling, HR, legal, chairing, policy, social equality, local authority, housing & homelessness. 

– are well connected, prepared to utilise those connections actively and pro-actively champion Your Own Place. 

– are prepared to be accountable, step up, challenge and forge great relationships. 

Fully details on our website.

I am so excited by this and can’t wait to join you on this next step.

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