How to Increase the performance of your Holiday Park WiFi

David Riches

Holiday Park owners:  Have you rolled out  WiFi across your Holiday Park?


Does it consist of Access Points placed in strategic areas around the park?  Have you been shown heat-map and coverage maps showing how great the signal is?  And yet you still deal with complaints regarding how slow the internet is, that the signal is weak and a refund should be given?

Traditional WiFi systems consist of External Access Points dotted around the park, which provide a great signal outdoors, but this signal cannot adequately pass into the dwellings below show in the diagram below.  Dwellings within the repeater range can typically expect a 30dB drop in signal due to the construction materials, foil insulation and thermal bronzed glass resulting in difficulty connecting, slow speeds and frequent drop offs.

The above scenario is played out across pretty much every holiday park in the UK.  Wide Area coverage was suitable circa 4 years ago, but clients expectations have changed significantly, as has technology.  TV is now Catchup TV, Netfix, Amazon Prime and BBC Iplayer.  Even learning how to drain your Caravan down will now have a High Definition guide on YouTube.  MP3 music is now streaming Spotify, books are Kindles and even the telephone has been replaced with Skype and Facetime.

There is a solution that will allow you to meet these demands allowing you to provide fast internet, low latency and strong signal inside the caravan.  As a bonus, it also provides a secure network using WPA2 rather than the insecure, open networks found today.   Staff networks, CCTV and building links can also be ran across this network allowing for a long life-cycle, value for money solution that grows with you ( rather than being outgrown in a few years ).

Using a Fibre to the Cabinet style deployment consists of a fibre ring installed around the park which is broken out to Ethernet to feed to each dwelling that subscribes to the internet.  An internal router is installed that transmits both a secure SSID for the occupants to use, a Guest WiFi signal for those they opt for a PAYG service and even a staff network to allow housekeeping and maintenance staff access to management systems whilst working around site.

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