What does the future look like for your business?

  • Hayley Mace
Hayley Mace, Head of Communications and Engagement, New Anglia LEP

Over the coming months, you will all have a role to play in shaping a new Economic Strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk.

New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership is working with local authorities and businesses to develop a strategy which outlines our ambitious vision for the future. It will look at how we build on our strengths to make the most of our region’s opportunities.

Consultation is key to the success of this piece of work as it is you – the local businesses – who will create jobs, innovate and drive economic growth.

Our current plan runs to 2026 and sets out ambitious targets to create:

• 95,000 more jobs by 2026
• 15,000 new businesses by 2026
• 117,000 new homes by 2026
• Increased productivity (added value per job) to equal the national average
We are on track to reach many of these targets and where progress is slower than we’d anticipated, we are working together to drive the change which is needed. The new Economic Strategy will give further strength to our plans to achieve them.
We will be looking at the timeframe for the new Economic Strategy and the targets will be reviewed accordingly.

So what are we doing? At the moment, work is under way to develop the evidence base which will be used to look at future potential growth. Over the next few weeks, that evidence will be analysed and any gaps will be identified. The draft evidence report will be ready by the end of May. Once that report is ready, we will start consulting with businesses to get your views on the future scenarios which the data presents.

We will keep you updated, but if you would like to know more, you can read the full FAQs on our website.

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