Past Chamber Presidents

The role of President is an essential part of the fabric of the Chamber of Commerce. The President is elected by the board as a key influencer in the Norfolk business community and someone who is a passionate advocate for business in the region. Their role is to help grow and support the Chamber’s membership network by building bridges within the business community and increasing Chamber’s influence within the region and nationally.

Norfolk boasts an esteemed history of commerce and industry, and Chamber is proud that over its 120 years some of the region’s finest business names have stood as President, starting with the Norwich Chamber’s founder, Jeremiah James Colman.

The Norfolk Chamber is itself a comparatively recent conglomeration of the Norwich Chamber, Great Yarmouth Chamber and West Norfolk Chamber (formerly the King's Lynn Chamber of Trade), in order to fully commit to and meet the evolving needs of the Norfolk business community. We have researched the Presidents from across all three Chambers and included some information below, although some President's are missing information and images due to lack of material and ongoing research.


Gold Patrons