Excel Intermediate

Event Details

Thursday, 3 December, 2020 -
09:30 to 16:30
Jarrold Training Center - St James' Mill - Whitefriars - Norwich - NR3 1SH


So you've just attended our Excel Introduction course or have used Excel before and want to gain a bit more knowledge and confidence to create your own spreadsheets and adapt those created by others.

The course starts with a revision exercise to get into the swing of calculations and provides a great opportunity to ask questions and fill in any gaps in your knowledge of the basics.

We will then cover everything you need to know in order to manage lists of information, expand your knowledge of functions to produce summary calculations and visualise these with conditional formatting and charts.

Tips, tricks and shortcuts are covered throughout the course to keep your Excel working day as efficient as possible.


You will learn:

  • How to work with dates and times - Calculate age or stock date expiry warnings
  • ​Build in logic with the IF function - Monitoring stock levels to display re-order information
  • Conditional formatting - Automatically highlight relevant information, e.g. stock that needs re-ordering
  • ​Absolute cell addressing - Lock cell references with dollar signs and learn why you would use this
  • Database features - Sort, filter and sub-total lists of stock by category
  • Calculations across multiple sheets - ​Store data with a sheet per month and create an annual summary
  • ​Charting - Create a graphical representation of summary data for use in meetings

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