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Starting a business? Use Norfolk Library & Information Service’s free subscription to MINT to find out info about your competitors or find new customers.

MINT   MarketINTellegence

Mint UK is a comprehensive database of UK Company and business intelligence. It includes information on companies’ financials, management and corporate structures, plus additional intelligence such as news and industry research.

Mint contains information on over 5.5 million companies, including 1.2 million unincorporated businesses.

Using Mint you can combine search criteria to find companies with specific profiles. For example, it’s simple to find insurance companies in Norfolk or food companies across the UK with a turnover between £5 and £50 million. Use Mint’s search criteria, in any combination, to find companies that you want to sell to.


Use Mint to give your business a competitive advantage:


Find out who your competitors are

Find out more about the companies you’re talking to

Find all the companies in specific areas of interest



Norfolk libraries are offering 200 free MINT database searches to support the development of business and marketing plans.

Visit: The Business library, Norfolk & Norwich Millennium library, The Forum, Norwich

Call 01603 774775


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