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Strengthen customer satisfaction, increase productivity, reduce costs, and never rely on paper and pen.

Thyngs has introduced an efficient, GDPR compliant, and touch-free customer check-in solution for Businesses and Cities to operate alongside NHS Track & Trace.

Using upgraded venue signage and smart marketing material given by Thyngs, merchants are able to setup the secure Check-in service in a matter of hours. All customers need to do is open their smartphone camera and scan the Check-in signage to digitally submit the contact details required. Check-in is complete in less than 1 minute.        

Merchants also have access to an online portal that will search and extract data to support NHS Track & Trace enquiries, effortlessly. All of the data is GDPR compliant and handled automatically, with personal information being automatically deleted after 21 days. 

The platform is simple for businesses and customers to use:

  • Customers check-in on arrival, safe and efficiently. From a 1 metre distance, customers scan a QR code and submit their contact details in less than 1 minute.
  • After a visit, should a customer test positive for Covid-19, NHS Test and Trace will get in touch with the venue to advise a customer has tested positive.
  • The venue will then supply NHS Test and Trace with the customer data of anyone who was at the venue in the affected time period.
  • Customer reports on the portal, including useful information such as time of arrival, are ready to be downloaded quickly if this case occurs.
  • Using the venue's data, NHS Test and Trace will contact customers to advise they may be at risk of catching the virus.


  • Venue has a contactless way of collecting and holding customer GDPR compliant data securely.
  • Any business using the contact-free platform will have the necessary data to efficiently and securely share with NHS Track and Trace.
  • With the exact data they need, NHS Track and Trace can contact customers who may be a risk quickly.
  • Any business using the touch-free check-in also has the option to include a data opt-in button for marketing on the same form.
  • Upgrade options for Merchants to include Digital Menus, loyalty stamp cards and instant ordering.
  • Proven platform used by brands like Wasabi, MacMillan, Conde Nast and Archant.

How much does it cost?

Setup of the software is free, and is between £10 - £30 per month (depending on the package and size of your business) thereafter. Find out more about Check-In with Thyngs, here

A quote from Hayley-Elizabeth Evans, Mr Postles Apothecary Norwich

"Being a local independent business ourselves we understand the importance of local support and therefore always endeavour to support other local businesses.  With this in mind when Thyngs approached us with their check in solution for the Track and Trace we straightaway thought if they tick all the boxes we would be more than happy to work with them.   Our two main concerns with signing in for the track and trace was ensuring we met all legal compliance’s whilst also having an easy and efficient way for our customers to check in upon entering our cocktail bar and restaurant.

Thyngs took all this worry away by offering a hassle free system which did everything we needed, they even had a space on the home page for us to add in our “expected behaviour” for the customer to agree too before checking in. This literally took a couple of emails and calls to implement, the guys at Thyngs literally took care of all our needs.

Implementing this system not only took away a lot of stress for us upon reopening with all the new guidelines in place, but also allowed our customers to feel safe and looked after.  Our opening weekend ran smoothly with this system in place and no one had any issues using the QR code. I would therefore highly recommend Thyngs to other businesses requiring a track and trace system."

About Thyngs

Thyngs delivers solutions that use frictionless smartphone technology to help its clients drive improved forms of consumer engagement that are fit for a digital, cashless, and COVID-19 world. Thyngs helps brands develop and monitor their offline marketing by turning any product, packaging, or advertisement into an interactive customer-facing experience or sale, without the need for human intervention.

Digital experiences can be anything from a customer making an instant payment or donation to unlocking exclusive content, collecting a digital loyalty stamp or entering a competition. The Thyngs Platform allows businesses to measure all of the physical-world interactions with their audience in real-time, showing unique insights that help improve the delivery of customer experience moving forward.

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