With just 8 Weeks to go - is your business ready for Brexit?

With Coronavirus restrictions come in place, many businesses could be forgiven for taking their eyes off the ‘Brexit ball’.  However, the number of days left to prepare for Brexit are rapidly dwindling and business needs to take action now.

At present businesses have free movement of their goods into/out of Europe, however on 01 January 2021, you will need to produce international trade documentation for all your products both imported and exported to/from the EU.

Whether you are an importer or an exporter, deal or no deal, you will need to do things differently from 01 January 2021 and that means you need to step up your Brexit preparations now, to ensure you are fully ready to meet the coming changes.

To ensure that your business is ready to meet the new UK import/export regulations on 01 January 2021, you need to have considered the following ten key areas:

  1. Do you have an EORI number starting with GB?
  2. Who is currently moving your freight and who do you currently use to process your customs declarations?
  3. Who’s currently holding the liability for your declarations? (direct/indirect representation)
  4. Do you have an international team?  What is the level of expertise in that team?
  5.  When did you last review or check your commodity/tariff codes?
  6. What is the likely volume of your imports/exports from the EU?
  7. Which ports/airports do you use?
  8. Do you have your own deferment account with HMRC?
  9. Are your imported goods liable for excise duty?
  10. Do your import/export goods require licences, health certificates or dangerous goods notifications?

Norfolk Chambers has also been gearing up to meet the expected demand from these changes.  We now have trained expert Chamber Customs staff to provide both support and advice, as well as the processing of customs declarations for both import and exports.

It is expected that in early 2021, there is likely to be considerable constraints on the capacity for processing customs documentation across the whole of the UK.  As such, we are encouraging you now to make sure you are prepared to meet the challenge of Brexit. 

Depending on your preparations, we may be able to offer you the opportunity to secure some of Norfolk Chambers’ processing capacity for your customs declarations.

To secure your capacity, we will need some detailed information about your importing and exporting needs and we will need to ‘on-board’ you into the Chamber Customs system.

To find out more about securing Customs Declaration capacity for your business, please contact:

Julie Austin                 Julie.austin@norfolkchambers.co.uk

Ade Cockburn            Adrian.cockburn@norfolkchambers.co.uk

Andrea Wilson            Andrea.wilson@norfolkchambers.co.uk

Nova Fairbank            Nova.fairbank@norfolkchambers.co.uk

Or call: 01603 625977

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