International Import Certificates

It is normal practice for a UK individual or company intending to import controlled goods from another COCOM (Co-ordinating Committee) member country to apply for an International Import Certificate (IIC) at the request of the Licensing Authority of the country of export.

An IIC constitutes an undertaking by the importer to import the goods into the country of destination, without diversion or transhipment elsewhere, and not to re-export the goods without an export licence from the Licensing Authority in the country of importation. It is also an assurance from the Government of that country that it will control any subsequent export of those goods.

The intended purpose of the IIC is to reduce the risk of diversion of sensitive strategic goods and technology.

Blank forms are available from the International Trade Team by calling 01603 729706.

You will need to complete the form which is quite straightforward and then send it in to us with a copy of your official order for the goods so that we can check everything is correct.

We then stamp the form and return it to you but we also send copies to our own Government and also the Government of the country from which you are importing the goods.

For up to date rules and information covering Controlled Goods, please click here.             

Please see our Export Documentation Rates for current prices. Members are entitled to 50% Discount on our standard rates for processing your Import Certificate.

What do I need to send to the Chamber with my Document?

  • Completed Certificate – MUST BE TYPEWRITTEN – handwritten applications will be rejected
  • Copy of your official order/contract with your overseas supplier

How do I apply for my International Import Certificate?

By Post
You complete the specialised blank Certificate and send it in to us with the above listed back up documents.  We will then check and certify the Certificate and return it to you by first class post – you can also collect it if you prefer.

While you Wait
You complete the specialised blank Certificate and bring it in to our office in Norwich with the above listed back up documents.  We will stop what we are doing and complete the process while you wait. Please note that this service is only available between 9.30am and 3.30pm every weekday.


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