Chamber Webinar - Improve Sales and Build Relationship Through Colours

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Tuesday, 8 December, 2020 -
10:00 to 11:00
Zoom webinar
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Join us for a 60-minute exploration of how we can use "colours" to improve your sales and build relationships with your customers!

We will show you how to quickly identify personality "colours" and how you can use this information to build trust, improve relationships and gain more sales. 

Everyone has a "colour", you might have heard of DISC, Myers Briggs or Insights before, but do you really know how to use this information to your advantage?

Identifying traits in people allows you to adapt your communication style which in turn will help with all of the above. 

If you've ever come across a salesman who goes into far too much detail when you only need the highlights or someone who won't give you all of the ins and outs, then you know they haven't participated in this session. 


  • Identifying your personality type
  • How to identify someone else's personality "colour"
  • How you can use colours to build relationships and close more sales
  • Opportunity to win a free online personality profile!

So, if you want to improve sales and build relationships through colours, then tune into this 60-minute experience.

About the Speaker

Steve Gaskin, Director at Huxley Events.

Steve Gaskin, is a Fellow of the Institute of leadership and management. He coaches and advises; running sessions for teams of all sizes. Recently, he ran High Performing Team workshops for Barclay’s, Scottish Government and the Department for Existing the EU.

About Huxley Events

Huxley Events specialises in team building, leadership and management here in Norfolk. The company traded locally, National and Internationally.


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