Schools can apply for Stage 3 (Commended) however they must have met the requirements for Stages 1 & 2 before being able to achieve Stage 3.

Can provide evidence that a culture of employability and enterprise is embedded into the education establishment through at least 4 of the below 7:

  • Teacher CPD
  • Linked curriculum to industry
  • Functional skill development
  • Student mentorship opportunities
  • Ongoing relationship with 3 local businesses
  • Member of the business community on the governing board
  • Strategic plan developed with the support of an enterprise advisor


  • A schools will have been verified as completing Stage 1 and 2.
  • Successful applications to each Stage are reviewed every 2 years. A school can move up each stage at any time following verification.
  • A school is only verified once a member of the Young Chamber Board has confirmed the evidence provided to complete a Stage.
  • If the evidence provided does not satisfy the compliance for meeting that Stage’s criteria, a school has the option to stay at its current Stage and apply again when new evidence can be supplied. 

Evidence and Verification

  • At least one member of the Young Chamber Board is invited into a school for a face to face meeting (lasting no longer than 1.5 hours)
  • Evidence supplied from internal tracking systems already monitored by Ofsted as well as evidence from appropriate sources
  • Evidence kept on record and verified with two signatures from the Young Chamber Board

Success of each applicant:

On the success of an application the applicant is awarded recognition in the following way.

  • Receive a revised physical certificate in the post with an additional ‘Red Tick’ on the badge for 4 items and a ‘Gold Tick’ for more than 4.
  • A revised digital badge to use online
  • Receive a physical award such as plaque or trophy along with a presentation of the award. 

Apply Today

To enter the award scheme you must register your interest here and a member of the Young Chamber team will be in touch.

The awards are free to enter and aim to provide a platform not only to recognise the work already happening within education, but to create a springboard for new relationships between businesses and education.

For any questions on this awards scheme please contact

Gold Patrons & Strategic Partners