The Norfolk Chambers Transport and Infrastructure Group Meeting 13/01/2020

Charlotte Upcraft, Norfolk Chambers of Commerce

The Norfolk Chambers Transport and Infrastructure Group met on Monday 13 January and top of the agenda was the importance of a more sustainable future, which means taking the right steps towards taking better care of our planet.

Group member, Ryan Coles who is the Group Travel & Fleet Manager for Aviva, presented to the group on Aviva’s plans for a more sustainable future.

Sustainability means taking measures to reduce waste, energy and carbon footprints. Ryan advised that making small changes such as removing plastic cups and cutlery from all offices and ensuring staff and visitors use reusable cups, has had a hugely positive impact on the business in terms of reducing an estimated 50 tonnes of waste and all companies need to make changes to ensure they are becoming a more sustainable business and individual, in and outside of work.

The group discussed Electric vehicles (EV’s) and the importance of moving towards this form of transport, however, it was noted that there is a major lack of charging points within East Anglia which poses a risk to the future of EV’s becoming the preferred car choice for many.

Sustainability is something the regions needs to take action on and with this in mind, the Norfolk Chambers along with Norwich City Council have formed a group called ‘Norwich Business Climate Leaders’. The purpose of its important first meeting will be to better understand both the challenge and mandate from the group’s sponsor, Norwich City Council and take action in supporting the city’s businesses with the significant task of becoming carbon neutral.

The next Planning and Development Group Meeting will be held on the 14 April at the Chambers premises and Network Rail will present on what rail infrastructure improvements are being done locally. 

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