Kirsty Jonas

  • Kirsty Jonas Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
    Kirsty Jonas Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
  • Kirsty Jonas Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
    Kirsty Jonas Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
Customer Experience Team


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Kirsty Jonas (AKA ‘The Architect’)

Norfolk Chambers sets out to connect, support and give voice to its members and the wider business community – what is your role in this mission?

Working as an Account Manager within the Customer Experience Team, our incredible members are the main focus of my role. When I’m not speaking with members offering them advice on how to get the most out of their membership, I’m on Social Media seeking out member news & marketing campaigns to help amplify their amazing work.

As The Architect in the team, how can you help businesses?

I love to understand the bigger picture – what is it that they want the business to achieve and how can we align the membership offering to help them achieve this goal.  Once this is understood, I love to create a clear and logical plan to make this happen.  If it includes a spreadsheet and a process even better!

Your special power is ‘The Understander’ – how do you ensure that you always make time to emphasise with others and why is this important?

It’s so important to take the time to understand others, and see things from their point of view. I’ll always make myself available to help and support, and will never rush a conversation.   

Your ‘Kryptonite’ is Disney movies and fast cars – what happens to you when faced with these?

Both will always distract me from whatever I am up to!!  Walking down the street, if I hear a fast car I’ll have no choice but to stop and look around to see it!  Disney is the perfect distraction for me, whether it be for a break after a busy day or to sing along to when I have a big worklist to ‘just crack through’.

Your motto ‘It Will Be Alright On The Night’ – do you always have this belief? How can businesses unlock this confidence?

I’m a keen believer in everything will always be OK in the end even when it doesn’t seem like it will be! For me, it’s all about stopping and taking a breath to look up and see the bigger picture.   Sometimes things take time and may not go the way you planned but in the end it will be OK.


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