Dale Graver

  • Dale Carver Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
    Dale Carver Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
  • Dale Carver Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
    Dale Carver Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
Customer Experience Team: Customer Support

Dale Graver (AKA The Supporter)

Norfolk Chambers offers a lot of support, advice and resources to its members – what is your role in this mission?

As The Supporter by role is to provide support not only to Team Norfolk Chambers, but also to our members and the wider business community. Therefore, my role can be quite varied and no two days are the same!

As The Supporter in the team, how can you help businesses?

I can help our members make the most out of their membership by helping them update their directory pages online, make sure that they receive our weekly e-newsletter and help them promote their business across everything Norfolk Chambers offers.

Your special power is being wise – how do brush up on this wisdom and why is this important?

Haha! I’m not sure I am that wise to be honest, but the Team says that I am! As a support the rest of the Team Norfolk Chambers across a wide range of activities that support our members – from email marketing and member directories, to uploading content for our e-zine Norfolk’s Voice – I guess I have wide reaching knowledge of how members can take advantage of all the skills and services open to them.

Your ‘Kryptonite’ is Chocolate Orange and cheese – what happens to you when faced with these?

Let’s put it this way, I can’t have cheese nor a Chocolate Orange in the house when working from home as I will just eat them all! Both are my weakness, but I tend to try and have these as treats at the end of a hard day or to celebrate something good!

Your motto ‘The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity’ – How do you live up to this motto? How can businesses unlock this confidence to take action rather than merely just talk about doing something?

While talking about doing something is great, you only get results by actually doing something. I like to take action more than I like to talk about doing something. I think businesses that can pivot and make changes when and where change is needed means that they can remain relevant.


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