Sam Martin

  • Sam Martin Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
    Sam Martin Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
  • Sam Martin Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
    Sam Martin Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
International Trade Apprentice


01603 729716

As The Prodigy in the team, how can you help businesses?

As the Prodigy I help small and large businesses in and around Norfolk to process, handle and offer advice on documentation needed for importing and exporting. Since January 1st there has been endless questions on how businesses should handle their operations post-Brexit. In the international trade team, we are here to not only give advice to these businesses, but also to offer our services in the form of certificates, EUR1’s and customs declarations.

Your special power is being unflappable – how have you honed this skill?

I think working at a place such as the Chambers means you see many different types of businesses and meet lots of people. It allows you to look at the bigger picture and keep others perspective in mind meaning we can personalise the experience for any member or non-member. In a high-tempo environment it means we have to stay calm under pressure to ensure we keep to time-scales, which does not seem to have gone wrong yet…..

Your ‘Kryptonite’ is cocktails – do you have a favourite and what happens to you when faced with a cocktail?

A firm favourite has to be a passionfruit martini. A cocktail in my hand is a definite happy place no matter the location.

Your motto ‘Don’t be busy, be productive’ – How do you make sure that you are always productive?

I think the key to being productive is your mindset. Making sure to stay positive and drive for results even in the hardest moments means results are almost guaranteed. By keeping productive it means you can offer support to peers and clients alike to ensure a professional and unique service is provided throughout!



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