Julie Austin

  • Julie Austin Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
    Julie Austin Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
  • Julie Austin Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
    Julie Austin Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
International Trade Quality Manager


01603 729706

Norfolk Chambers sets out to connect, support and give voice to its members and the wider business community – what is your role in this mission?

Within the International Team I support businesses in Norfolk to export/import their goods providing an accurate and efficient service with regarding to document and customs declarations. Our 'right first time' attitude means that we can help businesses do better business in Europe and worldwide. 

As The Oracle in the team, how can you help businesses?

I have a wealth of knowledge, which I have learnt over many years, so I can assist businesses in exporting and importing their goods -  and if I do not know the answer I know someone who does!

Your special power is international intelligence – how many years experience to you have in international trade and how can your microscopic eye for detail help businesses?

I have 11 years experience in the International Trade Team at the Chamber and have assisted many businesses.  An eye for detail is important as incorrect documents would cause businesses problems – spotting errors is a vital part of my role.

Your ‘Kryptonite’ is Alfie the cat and Cornwall – what happens to you when faced with these?

Alfie can twist me round his paw and he is my companion. Cornwall is the place I love to go to unwind and relax.

Your motto ‘No problems – just solutions’ – How do you make sure you can always find solutions? How can businesses unlock this skill?

I will investigate issues business have and assist them to find the solutions they require in order to export/import their goods in a timely fashion. 



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