David Cowan

  • David Cowan Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
    David Cowan Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
  • David Cowan Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
    David Cowan Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
International Declaration Manager

Norfolk Chambers sets out to connect, support and give voice to its members and the wider business community – what is your role in this mission?

The mission is to offer International services and to complete international documentation for every business in the county. Being there for businesses to negotiate their way through the ever-changing landscape of International trade.

As The Advocator in the team, how can you help businesses?

I am a strong advocator of sharing best practice and ensuring consistent ways of working to benefit all. The output from this is exceptional customer service, everytime.

Your special power is having the foresight of the inevitable – how have you honed this skill?

My time working in different regions of the UK with large and small teams of people has taught me to listen to every perspective, work with individuals and groups, and paint a full picture of all the eventualities possible. I’m all about people, using their skills, and maximising their potential.

Your ‘Kryptonite’ is buying guitars – how many do you have and what happens to you when faced with a guitar?

I have eight (at the moment!) and am always on the lookout for something different, whether electric, acoustic, six string or twelve!  I always look for rare instruments and always look to get a bargain where I can. Once I’m in the studio, cleaning, restringing, polishing and tuning, I am in a very special place. If I need to escape from life’s challenges, I pick up the guitar, and lose myself!

Your motto ‘Let’s make it memorable’ – How do you make sure that it is always memorable? How can businesses unlock this skill?

The energy, enthusiasm and drive I put into my work is contagious. Unlocking the memorable experience is simply by meeting myself, or a member of my team, and the rest is down to knowledge and personality. Customer service is, and always has been at the core of everything I do, and I utilise my twenty-five years of experience to benefit all businesses I meet on this exciting journey.


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