Chris Sargisson

  • Chris Sargisson Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
    Chris Sargisson Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
  • Chris Sargisson Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
    Chris Sargisson Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
Chief Executive


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Chris Sargisson (AKA The Disruptor)

Norfolk Chambers sets out to connect, support and give voice to its members and the wider business community – what is your role in this mission?

To drive this strategy in to all activity that either we currently do, or are looking to do, and to look for innovation that will enable us to do different and better. You can’t stand still in this job!  

As The Disruptor in the team, how can you help businesses?

A disruptor enables those businesses whose results need a boost to develop strategy that refocuses on how to replace behaviours and approach to gain a bigger part of the market it seeks. I work on customer experience disruption, so I’m focused on how consumers make purchasing decisions, digital transformation, changing the business model, truly understanding the customer expectation, and developing the workforce to meet those expectations.

Your special power is in encouraging Team Norfolk Chambers to use their special powers – how do you do this?

I buy into the management philosophy: ‘You will only achieve results from the effort and skills of others’. So, if you employ brilliant people, which we do, then my job is simply to enable them to do their brilliant things.  

Your ‘Kryptonite’ is in creating chaos – why and how do you create chaos?

I like the idiom: ‘You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.’ With disruption comes change, it can’t be helped. Change can create chaos, chaos can create innovation! By disrupting the ways you do things you need to accept that things will be different, because that’s the point, as the old ways of doing things weren’t working. The skill is to keep the chaos manageable, positive, exciting and productive.

Your motto is ‘Will It Make Our Customers Happy?’ – How do you make sure that you and Team Norfolk Chambers make members and the wider business community happy? How can businesses unlock this skill?

Norfolk Chamber membership is primarily an experience, and that experience should make our customers happy. Happy that we understand and are fulfilling what our customer needs. Happy that we’re always available and are ready to listen and help. Happy that our agenda is their agenda. Happy that their investment in us pay’s out again and again and again.  


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